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balancing law and life


The World Needs
Healthy Lawyers

LegalSage evolved from a simple principle:  Being a lawyer shouldn't harm your health. But the statistics say otherwise. After firms have thrown money at the problems for decades, the need for fundamental change-for attorneys and law firms alike-could not be more clear. Something more than a yearly mindfulness class is called for. ​

Matt Hrutkay formed LegalSage after a decade of demanding work as a Big Law litigator left him exhausted, unhappy, and wondering where he'd gotten lost along the way. He learned that the path to a thriving and well-balanced life requires intentional personal development as well as legal skill.

LegalSage works through individual and group coaching and law firm consulting to deliver peace and purpose to attorneys and firms who understand that this is a new world, and that self management is the key to a prosperous practice. 

healthy lawyers.


  • Knowing that you'll be able to enjoy a dinner with friends, without having to cancel.

  • Being excited about drafting a brief because you like your cases and have tapped into the creative side of lawyering. 

  • Waking up refreshed, knowing that your morning routine has space for "me" time and responding to emails. 

  • Knowing you're on the path to your long-term goals. 

  • Finding time to pursue passions you once thought were lost forever. 

  • Using your job to create sustainable joy, happiness, and peace. 


Meet Matt


Before law school, Matt served as an infantry sergeant in the U.S. Army's 10th Mountain Division. This service fundamentally changed his life and his perspective, opening his eyes and expanding his understanding of what was possible. But it also brought new challenges related to PTSD and anxiety associated with being in a constant state of vigilance. 

Law school and work in Big Law added challenges he never anticipted. Matt soon realized that the fast-paced world of high-stakes litigation was even more stressful than being in combat, forcing him to face his struggles head-on and dig deep to find a personal sense of purpose and fulfillment. 

These lessons served Matt through other challenging times. He dug deep and used what he'd learned to survive combat and Big Law when, at the age of 42, he had to learn to walk all over again, after a catastrophic motorcycle accident left him bed-ridden for months. 

Matt brings these lessons to his coaching work. His coaching philosophy helps clients connect with their own personal sources of strength and knowledge to pave a bold path to personal and professional fulfillment. 

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Twilight Sunset


"Matt has been instrumental in helping me to develop the resilience, courage and determination to take control of my career by starting my own practice and leaving a big law job behind. As a mother of three small children, and a primary breadwinner, this was not an easy feat."  

M.T./ Fomer BigLaw Attorney / New Solo-preneur

"Matt never tells me what the problem is or how to solve it. Instead, his inquisitive nature provokes discussion that drives self-discovery. Then, drawing on his perspective (a veteran, lawyer, an entrepreneur), together we develop practical solutions - solutions that I own and that work for me." 

D.M./ U.S. Army Judge Advocate General Officer

D.M./ U.S. Army JAG Officer

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