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purpose and peace for attorneys and firms.

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healthy lawyers

LegalSage evolved from a simple principle:  Being a lawyer shouldn't harm your health. But the statistics say otherwise, and attorney burnout is at an all time high. After firms have thrown money at the problems for decades, the need for fundamental change-for attorneys and law firms alike-could not be more clear. Something more than a yearly mindfulness class is called for. ​

Matt Hrutkay formed LegalSage after a decade of demanding work in securities and other complex litigation left him exhausted, unhappy, and wishing he'd not even become a lawyer. Intense introspection led him to simplify his practice by going solo, and motivated him to help other lawyers take control of their practices and their lives. 

LegalSage works through coaching, connection, and consulting to deliver peace and purpose to attorneys and firms who understand that this is a new world, and that prosperity and sanity can coincide. It's not easy to take yourself to the next level without adding to your stresses, but that's what we deliver. 

healthy lawyers.

what we do

how we get there.


Individual coaching for attorneys and law students targeting issues big and small for more purpose, direction, and satisfaction. 


Join a community of other purpose-driven attorneys supporting and understanding one another.

No networking!


Helping legal employers engage and retain employees and deliver next-level service to clients

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"Matt has been instrumental in helping me to develop the resilience, courage and determination to take control of my career by starting my own practice and leaving a big law job behind. As a mother of three small children, and a primary breadwinner, this was not an easy feat."  

M.T./ Fomer BigLaw Attorney / New Solo-preneur

"Matt has never told me what the problem is or how to solve it. Instead, his inquisitive nature provokes discussion that drives self-discovery. Then, drawing on his perspective (a veteran, lawyer, an entrepreneur), together we develop practical solutions - solutions that I own and that work for me." 

D.M./ U.S. Army JAG Officer

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