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September 20 - 24, 2023


Are you feeling: 

  • Rudderless? 

  • Burned out?

  • Anxious?

  • Depressed?

  • Overwhelmed?

  • Adrift?

  • Conflicted with work-life demands?

What if on the other side of the daily internal mountain you are climbing, you are able to break away from this infinite cycle of feelings to find the ember that reignites your soul.


Would you climb that mountain?


Join us for four days in the Rockies.



  • Who you are

  • What lights you up

  • What grounds you

  • What connects you

  • What your “thing” is

  • What you center your life around

Sunset Over Forest

Get ready to fuse the mind, body and spirit to gain a lightness of being that’s long eluded you. And a clear roadmap to sustain it. Return to reality confident, re-grounded, re-centered, and re-connected.


Join Matt Hrutkay and Carl Ficks, both coaches and former trial lawyers, and the shamanic wisdom keeper Dr. Tom Garcia on a four-day retreat.


Forged in fire, set in the Colorado wilderness and centered around the autumnal equinox, this highly interactive and once-in-a-lifetime experience is one that no Zoom call or app could ever capture or replicate.


Share sacred space on sacred land with a carefully curated and limited group of like-minded men and together we will retreat, reclaim and re-wild in the Rockies. 

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