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does 2023 have you feeling burned out and questioning your decision to become a lawyer?

Apply for your FREE Lawyer Burnout Survival Session Today!


You're not crazy, you're not incompetent, you're not losing your spark. It's just fucking hard to be a lawyer these days. So LegalSage is offering some relief to struggling lawyers this February. 

How many times have you:

  • Had to cancel plans with friends and family because of a never-ending series of work "emergencies"? 

  • Spent your vacation tied to your cell phone and email, worrying that you'll be fired if you miss an important message? 

  • Gone to work-related happy hours where the conversation centers entirely around your collective misery? 

  • Wondered what it might be like to be fulfilled in your job? 

  • Told yourself that it's just not worth all of the stress and difficulty? 

  • Promised yourself that you'd do something to make things better, only to get lost in where to start? 

Then it's time to schedule your FREE "Lawyer Burnout Survival Session" with Matt. We'll work together to create a set of personalized tools to make sure you don't have to keep: 

  • Feeling exhausted all the time;

  • Feeling paralyzed when you try to make healthy changes;

  • Drowning your sorrows; and

  • Postponing your happiness. 

Bottom Line:  You'll learn the fundamental root of your burnout and walk away with a customized set of tools to give you immediate relief the next time you're feeling overwhelmed and lost.  


Apply for a FREE 45-minute coaching session with Matt! 

By the end of your Lawyer Burnout Survival Session, you'll walk away with: 

  • A detailed understanding of the main reasons you're feeling burned out ('s not your fault); 

  • 3-5 personalized "triage tools" to bring immediate relief the next time you're having an intense sense of overwhelm; and 

  • A path to developing long-term solutions that cut out the root cause of your burnout, rather than just treating the symptoms.  


Apply now! Only 15 free sessions in the month of February!

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